Why Insuranceforce Recruitment?



Successful companies are built by successful people.

Your company needs the most talented, ambitious and determined individuals in order to thrive.  Traditional recruitment methods sometimes prove ineffective as companies go to great lengths to retain their best and brightest staff.

Insuranceforce specialises in going that extra mile to find exactly the right candidate to suit your business.  We commit time and resources to understanding your company culture, which is vital to ensuring that staff placed have the right attitude and personality to suit your organisation.

Using industry contacts and professional research methods Insuranceforce Recruitment can precisely and effectively locate and attract prospective employees.  The people we place will give your company a burst of inspiration and a wealth of experience to help your company achieve its goals.

If you have a vital vacancy Insuranceforce will offer free, professional advice and work as an integral part of your organisation, to ensure your company finds the right candidate.  We guarantee an honest, empathic service that delivers results.


Is quality of life important to you?

By changing your job you can really change your lifestyle! Insuranceforce specialises in finding your perfect career to match your lifestyle.  You really could be a career move away from a better lifestyle.

A personalised service that is ‘all about you’

Job hunting or a career change can potentially be daunting and frustrating. At Insuranceforce Recruitment  we are constructive, proactive and positive, ensuring the experience is fun, liberating and most importantly gives you confidence.

We will offer you the life skills and support that will not only fuel your career, but also enrich your life structure should you choose.

Our life choices are like fashion accessories; they can help us feel good about ourselves and feel more positive and secure about who we are.  Insurance Force recruitment can help you add value to who you are and in turn we really can help you improve your work life balance.